Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Arkansas Moving Toward a Reduction in Football Classifications

by Jeff Fisher
Arkansas High School Football Huddle

Less than a week after releasing the 2012-2014 reclassification numbers, the Arkansas Activities Association is moving toward the reduction of classifications.

Sometime in July, the state's governing body will vote on going from six classifications to five.

There are two proposals that will be voted on. Both eliminate the current 7A classification.

Under the first proposal there would be 32 teams in 6A, 32 in 5A, 48 in 4A, 48 in 3A and the remaining teams in 2A. The second proposal would put the top 16 enrollment schools in a 6A class with the next 32 in 5A; followed by 32 in 4A, 64 in 3A and the remaining schools in 2A.

Click here to see the reclassification numbers.